The inability of a single employer to comply with the existing provisions of the National Electrical Annuity Plan Agreement and Trust is also a violation of its employment contract. (vi) any contract or agreement that limits the capacity of Target or a subsidiary, or that, at the end of the actual time, competes with the Acquiror or any of its related companies in an industry or with a person or geographic area or for a specified period of time, or to recruit customers or customers; 5.4 Confidentiality. The parties acknowledge that the Acquiror and Target have previously executed a confidentiality agreement of October 8, 2001 (the “confidentiality agreement”), which remains fully in effect and takes effect in accordance with their terms. Merger Sub agrees to be bound by the terms of the confidentiality agreement to the same extent as Acquiror. 8.5 Full agreement; Non-compliance parties in the interest. This agreement and the documents and instruments, as well as other agreements specifically or concluded pursuant to this offer, including exhibits, flight plans, including the timetable for the publication of objectives and the timing of the publication of the information (a), constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and complement all prior written and oral agreements between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and , with the exception of the confidentiality agreement, which remains fully in force and goes beyond the termination of this agreement or conclusion, in accordance with its terms; (b) are not intended to give rights or remedies to another person, unless this is exposed to points 1.6 (a)-c), and 5.21 and (c) cannot be granted legal or other protection unless otherwise provided. Target and the subsidiaries as a whole (contracts, agreements and agreements to be defined in Section 2.19 (a) of the objective implementation plan are grouped under the name of “material contracts,” with the exception of contracts concluded after the date of this agreement pursuant to Section 4 (including contracts concluded pursuant to Section 5.17). The equipment contracts include, without restriction, the following and are classified in the target information plan as follows: (a) the execution and delivery of this agreement are not, and the execution of the proposed transactions will not result in a conflict with a violation or delay to (with or without notice, neither time nor both) nor will it result in a right of termination or termination. the cancellation or acceleration of a obligation or loss of a benefit pursuant to (i) a provision of the Foundation Certificate or the statutes of Acquiror or Merger Sub as amended, or (ii) of a mortgage, creation, tenancy, contract or other instruments, authorization, concession, deductible, licence, judgment, ordering, , the law, law, law, rule or regulation applicable to the acquiror or sub merger or their real estate or real estate. p) taxes. Unlike normal activity, adopt or change essential tax choices, adopt or modify a tax accounting method, file a declaration or change to a essential income tax return, enter into a closing agreement, settle or cancel taxes, or agree to an extension or waiver of the statute of limitations: which applies to tax duties or taxes; (d) Neither Target nor a subsidiary is or will be the result of the performance and supply of this contract or the performance of its obligations under this agreement, in violation of a licence, sublicensing or other agreements relating to the intellectual property or intellectual property rights of third parties whose infringement would have a significant negative effect on Target.