Like all literary devices, a writer should know how and why he uses alliteration. Typically, alliteration is used sparingly, as it is designed for the effect. Another feature is harmony in the scores, which have different shapes for the sexes: compared to English, Latin is an example of a very volatile language. The consequences of concordance are: alliteration, initial irritation, initial irritation, head (nominative) The addition of the repetition of the sounds “w” and “s” at the beginning of the words gives the imagery of the lines. With alliteration and assondance at work, this line has a rhythm and musicality that it would not otherwise have. The sounds that produce alliteration must be the same consonant, but not necessarily the same letter. In this sentence, we can see the repetition of the sounds “t” and “p” both as an alliteration and as a consonance.