Welcome to the Gluten-Free Diet Guide! If you’re here, you must be interested in learning more about foods that are safe to eat on the gluten-free diet, as well as foods that should be considered off-limits. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry! We break down the gluten-free diet so that you can live a healthy lifestyle without the stress. Look through each section of the diet guide below, and let us know if you see anything we’ve missed!

Gluten-Free Foods: An Overview of the Gluten-Free Diet

Here you will find a comprehensive resource on what constitutes gluten free, as well as safe vs. unsafe foods organized by food group.

Gluten-Free Drinks and Beverages

OK, so you have food down, but what about your morning cup of coffee? And what about the sports drink you take to the gym? Our guide to gluten-free drinks covers the most commonly consumed beverages so you can understand what to drink and what to skip.

How to Find Gluten on a Food Label

If you’re checking food labels for unsafe ingredients then you might have trouble recognizing some of the ingredients you find. That’s why we created our guide to ingredients that contain gluten. The ingredients you find on this list should not be in any food you eat. If you see it listed, toss it!

Guide to Gluten-Free Alcohol

Just because you’re living a gluten-free lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t go out for drinks with friends – you just need to know what’s safe to drink! Consult our gluten-free alcohol guide and you’ll know the ins and outs of which alcohol beverages are safe for you to consume.

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