No matter where you are or at any time, you can access your bank account to check your balances, transfer money between United2 accounts, pay bills, receive deposit cheques or find a branch or ATM near you. It`s FREE1, fast, comfortable and at your fingertips! United Bank offers a variety of options to meet your needs. You are responsible for complying with all the terms of the agreement and the terms of the deposit account agreement that you accessed through electronic banking. We may terminate your Internet banking privileges under this agreement without notice for any reason; or if you do not pay the fees charged by this Agreement, if they are due, if you do not comply with the agreement for your deposit or credit accounts, or if your accounts are not managed in good condition. We will notify you immediately if we resolve this contract or your use of the Services for another reason. Our full list of control and savings products that can be opened online: other exceptions may be listed in this agreement and in other agreements with you. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for damages that go beyond your actual damage, which are due to our non-execution of a transfer, and we are not responsible for accidental or consequential damage. If any of the above circumstances arise, we will help you take appropriate corrective action to reconstruct transactions that may not be completed or to correct incorrect transactions that have been processed. From time to time, new services may be introduced for Internet banking. Union State Bank will inform you of the existence of these new services.

By using these services, if they are available, you agree to the rules that will be provided to you with respect to these services. If you would like to contact us, we are here to help. Call customer service at 800-488-2265 or TTY 800-659-5495. We are by phone Monday to Friday from 4am to 10pm PST and Saturday, Sunday and most public holidays 5-10pm PST. Our waiting times are longer than usual. Thank you for your patience. 5Zelle is available to almost all bank accounts in the United States If you wish to stop the Bank of The West`s online bank, please write to The Bank of The West under POSTFACH 160, Thomas, OK. 73669.

We can terminate your online banking service at any time for any reason. If you do not use your online banking access for 60 days, your access will be interrupted until you contact us. Card Valet gives you the ability to have more control over where the Bank of The West Debit Card is used and to get notifications if a transaction is allowed. You can even turn off the card completely if you don`t use it.