Gluten Free Food For Your Little Ones

Gluten Free Food For Your Little Ones

Raising a child is simultaneously one of the most challenging and rewarding things that a person can do in their life. When you have children to take care of at home, some of the simplest of daily tasks can turn out to be extremely stressful and difficult. It doesn’t get any easier as the kids grow older, especially when they enter the teenage years. One of the things that concern parents of young children a lot is the ensuring that their children are receiving proper nutrition. You don’t want your child to eat something that will be harmful for their health. You want your child to grow at a great rate and be healthy throughout the year. This task is difficult in itself. But when you have to prepare gluten free recipes for your gluten intolerant child things become a lot trickier than you could ever expect.

Junk Food Contains a Lot of Gluten

Sometimes, you simply have to face the facts. No matter how much you strive to make your children eat healthy, you can’t deny the fact that average American child will always be drawn towards a diet filled with pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and an endless array of foods that are more “junky” than nutritious. Preparing healthy versions of these foods at home is quite the challenge. The worst part is when your children reject the healthy versions of these snacks and crave for the junk food that is sold outside. The garbage food that children are binging on these days is contributing to abnormally high rates of obesity in this age group. No parent wants their child to become obese. But sitting at home and handing your child money for junk food isn’t going to solve the problem. You need to actively search for solutions to this food predicament. Not only are these processed foods unhealthy, but they are highly detrimental for gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant children. If your child continues to rely on junk food, then it won’t be long before they start exhibiting symptoms of gluten intolerance.

You Do Have Options In Your Hand

Preparing gluten free food for your child at home may seem like an uphill battle at first. However, with time, patience and dedication, you will learn enough to ensure that your child doesn’t become dependent on unhealthy, junk food. There are a lot of challenges involved in cooking gluten free meals. That being said, there are many options out there today and the variety of gluten free meals for children will only increase in the coming days. The reason for that is the growing awareness about gluten intolerance and the ill effects of gluten consumption. Parents are starting to realize that allowing their children to binge on gluten containing foods is not in their best interest. Parents of gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive children are working hard to ensure that gluten does not find a way to creep into their child’s digestive system. It is time for you to join these parents and help your child live a safer, healthier and happier life without gluten.

Focusing on the Beverage

A lot of parents have the misconception that gluten is only present in baked goods such as bread. Did you know that gluten can also be found in beverages? The soft drinks that your children love may contain traces of gluten that could lead to pain and discomfort. Therefore, you should replace the soft drinks that your children have grown accustomed to with healthy shakes and smoothies made at home. The simple way of making a great smoothie is to use fresh, local fruit. Fruit is enriched with natural sweetness and is packed with vitamins that are essential for your children’s growth. A fruit smoothie made in the proper way can put a smile on your child’s face. The best option is to make the smoothie dairy free. This will ensure that your child isn’t gaining any extra calories. Banana, coconut milk and strawberries are all great gluten free ingredients for the perfect chilled smoothie to beat the heat in summer.

A Healthy Lunch

If your child is in love with chicken nuggets, don’t deprive them of their joy. Chicken nuggets can be made gluten free and healthy without compromising the taste. All you need is cubed chicken, fresh eggs, a gluten free flour blend, pepper and paprika. This is a great lunch item that can be served with gluten free homemade cucumber dip.

A Delightful Dinner

For dinner, you need to look for filling gluten free recipes. You can feed your child gluten free pasta. Just make sure that you are buying a high quality product that complies with the FDA rules and regulations for gluten free food. Do not use store bought spaghetti sauce. It can contain traces of gluten. Take some time off to prepare a homemade sauce with fresh tomato puree, basil, salt, pepper and oregano. You could throw in some homemade gluten free meatballs to complete the dinner.